Written translation

Everything You should know to complete an order for written translation:

First Kyiv Translation Agency provides services of written translation from most of the European and Asian languages.

Every translator of First Kyiv Translation Agency is thoroughly selected and tested and is a skilled and chartered specialist. We dedicate a lot of time and efforts to the selection of qualified translators for the purpose of performing translation services of exclusively high quality.

While working on any written translation, translators of First Kyiv Translation Agency make use both of their long-term experience and background knowledge and various specialized dictionaries, reference books, and encyclopedias. Translators of First Kyiv Translation Agency have built up an extensive base of their own subject-specific glossaries for years of work. All this allows us to achieve the best results.

Of significance is the approach of First Kyiv Translation Agency to providing written translation services. We treat every written translation order as a long-standing translation project that does not come to an end once the translation has been completed and delivered to the customer. The translators take account of the customer’s requests and comments both during the ongoing translation and when undertaking further translations. All this enables First Kyiv Translation Agency to perform the service of written translation with the quality that meets our customer’s requests to the fullest.

Professional selection of translators for doing subject-specific translations, and quality control exercised by professional translators and proofreaders allow us to guarantee high-quality translation.

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