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The website translation is one of the types of translation, but it has its peculiarities, which shall be known and taken into account.

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Kyiv translation agency accumulated wide experience in translation of texts of websites of various companies and enterprises from Ukrainian (Russian) language into foreign languages and backwards.

For instance, according to researches, information is perceived better from a printed page, than from a screen, that’s why the website text shall be simple, perceptible and clear. We take into account such peculiarity at translation.

Besides, to the style of the website text there are much higher requirements, than to many other texts. Therefore, at translation we maintain the style of the original texts, as we understand that the style has its target audience defined by a client.

There are many other peculiarities, which we know and take into account, however, we don’t want to disclose them on pages of this website.

As a rule, the website translation is performed by native speaker. This fact allows to reach the complete stylistic exactness and faithfulness of the translated text.

All native speaker translators of our agency are Russian (Ukrainian) language translators in their countries. They are able to understand the text properly and accurately and adequately transfer the meaning into their native language.

We are ready to fruitfully and efficiently cooperate with a department or a company, which performs the support of your website, to solve any technical issues related to translation into other language.