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Thank to availability of professional and experienced full-time translators, as well as the network of thoroughly selected and tested part-time translators, each of which specializes in particular topic and is capable to profoundly understand the text under translation, we may guarantee high-quality and accurate translation of texts of quite every topic.

Kyiv translation agency performs professional translation of texts from/into European and Asia languages.

Each translator uses for his work not only his profound knowledge and experience, but wide range of electronic and hard dictionaries, various glossaries, filed in our agency and received from our clients, as well as internet resources. All these allows us to provide high-quality and professional translation services.

Besides, at your request, the translation may be performed by native speaker*. This type of translation allows to reach the complete stylistic accurateness and faithfulness of the text, and we recommend to use this type for translation of public texts: booklets, web-sites, presentations, international press-realises, publications etc.

All native speaker translators of our agency are Russian (Ukrainian) language translators in their countries. They are able to understand the text properly and accurately and adequately transfer the meaning into their native language.

The texts to be translated and the translated texts may have various formatting. We will satisfy you every requirement to text and provide it to you in the most convenient way.

* The services are provided in a limited number of languages. For more detailed information contact our customers support manager.

  1. The managers of First Kyiv Translation Agency use the standard page (unit of measuring written translation comprising 1,800 characters of the source text with spaces) in calculating the price of translation.
  1. The text size is measured exclusively using the original text to be translated, if Otherwise, the target text will be used, including when translating from oriental languages.
  1. The written translation rates shown in the table above include the cost of inputs by translator and proofreader.
  1. The minimum order quantity with First Kyiv Translation Agency is 1 standard
  1. The order schedule applicable with First Kyiv Translation Agency is 5 standard pages per
  1. The premium on promptness of written translation services applied by our Agency is the LOWEST in the translation service market and accounts for just 75%, while that with competitors ranges 100% to 500% and
  1. First Kyiv Translation Agency is the only translation agency in Kyiv that DOES NOT REQUIRE any premium on the complexity of Backed by a large base of translators/interpreters specializing in various fields of activity, our translation agency assigns specialists individually to each particular translation service. The rates presented in the table above are FLAT for translations of any subject matter.
  1. First Kyiv Translation Agency performs written translation and further certifies personal documents (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, ).
  1. First Kyiv Translation Agency would not accept translation orders if the source text is written by hand.
  1. An order for written translation should always be placed in advance so that the translators of First Kyiv Translation Agency would have enough time to deliver it appropriately.

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