Corporate cooperation (b2b)

The activity of Kyiv translation agency is devoted to corporate clients.We are anxious for long-term and fruitful cooperation with each of our clients and we exert every effort to fulfill that.

Besides cooperation benefits, available to our any client, our regular clients enjoy the following benefits and conveniences:

Individual approach

On the initial stage of cooperation we will appoint to your personal manager, who will receive your orders and hand them over to you. He/she will know and consider all the peculiarities of your company and its specific requirements to translation services.

Services provision stability

In the activity of any company there are overwork moments. Sometimes, in order to provide high quality of taken over translations, our company has to limit the volume of new taken over orders. However, this rule does not concern our regular clients, for whom we always reserve particular volume of resources and whose orders we take over at any time and with pleasure.

The highest quality

The regular cooperation allows us to be acquainted and study more thoroughly requirements of your company to translations. On the stage, which precedes the commencement of cooperation, you may test and approve translators, which later on will provide all the services for your company. In addition, if necessary, we are ready to create, enrich and conform to you specialized glossary, which will include accepted in your company way of particular words and phrases translation. The feedback is also of high importance, for example, provision of documents after your final editing. We will take into consideration such editing for our future works that will allow to improve constantly the translations quality and to wider extend meet your requirements.

Accumulative discounts

For all our clients we have discounts depending on the volume of one-time placed order. However, to regular clients we give discounts on monthly volume basis (taking into account the whole volume of documents translated during a month).

Agreement and its types

We may establish regular cooperation with signing an agreement or without it. If you decide to conclude an agreement with us, we are ready to provide you with some variants of such agreement depending on your monthly demand in our services.

Contact any Kyiv translation agency clients care manager, tell him/her about your demand in translation services, and we will prepare special offer especially for you in the shortest time possible.

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