Your benefits in First Kyiv Translation Agency

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Company structure

Kyiv translation agency has an uncommon for translation agencies organizational structure. Unlike competitor-companies, in majority of which the employee who takes an order passes it on his own to a translator, Kyiv translation agency has in its structure clients support department and translators department. Such division allows the staff of each department to concentrate more profoundly on their tasks, and in particular, clients support managers have more time to get acquainted with each client, to understand more profoundly their requirements and requests, and translators department staff has more time for an appropriate translator search, translation quality control, and for the selection and testing of translators engaged in translation.

All the aforementioned allows company to pay more attention to clients, more time to translators, and much more time to translation, its quality and timeliness.

Services quality

The quality of provided services we consider one of the most important factors of our work and we reach it, on the one hand, with thorough selection and testing of translators we invite for cooperation, and on the other hand, with high quality control of each order.

At selection and testing of professional level of translators we invite for cooperation we use not only our local experience and knowledge, but use native speakers, i.е. people for whom a translation language is native and who are Ukrainian (Russian) language translators in their countries.

The translated text quality control is performed by translators department managers of Kyiv translation agency, each of which has higher linguistic education and abundant experience in text editing.

Convenient interaction system

Kyiv translation agency is a client oriented company. One of the key elements of our activity is clients cooperation convenience that is why any translation order you may place by phone, fax, e-mail, ftp-server, our courier or personally, and receive translation using any of the mentioned means, and pay for services either in cash or through bank transfer, as well as with plastic card of any well-known payment systems of the world.

Reasonable prices and flexible pricing policyThe prices set by Kyiv translation agency are average on professional translation services market of Kyiv. We aim at constant quality enhancing and expanding the range of provided services preserving their price at the same level and increasing our company profits increasing the number of provided services, but not increasing the prices.

High level of technical facilitiesWe pay significant attention to technical facilities of our company and to keep them up to date. It allows us to be more flexible and meet any requirements of our clients.


It's obvious that in cooperation with any partner not only the quality of provided services is important, but also reputation of services provided, as it may influence the reputation of your company.

At the moment many Ukrainian and foreign companies and organizations are our clients. All our clients set strict requirements to the translations quality, convenience and reliability of provided services, as well as to the confidentiality issue. And we do our best to justify their trust.